Tilera Targets Data Bottlenecks With 72-Core Chip

Tilera continues to develop new many-core processors built for the massive data processing needs of “hyper-connected” technology companies. Tilera’s newest offering is the GX-72, which boosts the number of cores it can harness to address bottlenecks in networks and applications. Read More

Livestream Scales With AMD SeaMicro Server

Event streaming provider Livestream has deployed AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000 server with SeaMicro Freedom fabric storage as the core platform to provide live video and collaboration services. Livestream said the SM15000 will double its computing density while reducing power consumption. Read More

Hyve Brings Facebook’s Servers to Your Racks

Hyve Solutions is developing products based on Open Compute designs, so that other companies can begin to take advantage of some of the latest innovations in open hardware. At the recent Open Compute Summit in Santa Clara, the Hyve team gave DCK a look at its latest hardware. Read More

Open Compute: Momentum Builds for Open Hardware

In less than two years, the Open Compute Project (OCP) has grown far beyond its origins as a showcase for Facebook’s design innovations, evolving into an active community building cutting-edge hardware, disrupting the traditional IT supply chain, and laying the groundwork for future innovation.. More than 1,900 technologists gathered for the Open Compute Summit at the Santa Clara Convention. Read More

AMD Rolls Out Open Compute Servers for Wall Street

AMD today rolled out an Open Compute server design developed with members of the financial community, which it calls “a radical rethinking of the server motherboard.” It is being evaluated in data centers at Fidelity Investments and Goldman Sachs.
Read More

Intel Unveils Low-Power Atom Chips for Servers

Intel’s first Atom server-class processor has arrived, and several major hosting companies say they’re ready to start filling their racks with servers using the low-power chips. The Atom S1200 features a 64-bit system-on-chip (SOC) that uses as little as 6 watts per processor. Read More

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