Business Value of Blade Infrastructures


The modern data center environment is evolving to support more users, more data and a lot more services. As the data center becomes an integral part of any organization, the focus becomes efficiency and a reduction in management overhead. Read More

Oracle Launches New SPARC T5 Servers


Oracle (ORCL) announced a complete refresh of its midrange and high-end SPARC server lines with new SPARC T5 and M5 servers running Solaris. Building on the SPARC T4 platform, the new servers complete Oracle’s SPARC family, spanning entry-level, mid-range and high-end. Read More

Boston ARMing Developers With ARM-as-a-Service Cloud


Boston Limited wants to help developers future proof their applications for the upcoming ARM-based world. The fast, low-cost, power-efficient processors that could have been drawing a lot of attention, so now comes a commercially available cloud for developer needs. Read More

SeaMicro Powers Massive LAN Party on Wheels


The Firefall Mobile Gaming Unit (MGU) is a 48-foot bus packed with 20 high-end AMD gaming stations, which can support LANs of up to 3,000 people and connect gamers from any location to millions of others around the world. It’s an achievement that requires packing a lot of server power into a small space – in this case, with an AMD SeaMicro server.. Read More

Baidu Deploys Marvell ARM-Based Cloud Server


There’s been lots of buzz about adapting the ARM chips that power iPhones and iPads into servers, but few examples of these processors being used in production. Here’s one: Marvell (MRVL) said this week that its chipset is included in the first commercial deployment of ARM-based servers at Chinese search engine… Read More

HP Strengthens BladeSystem Converged Infrastructure


HP announced significant enhancements to its BladeSystem c-Class portfolio, with three new components, including the BladeSystem c7000 Platinum enclosure, a new HP ProLiant WS460c Generation 8 Server blade and major enhancements to its HP Virtual Connect product family. Read More

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