Friday Funny: Neon Cabinets Cartoon


It’s Friday…and time for some workplace levity. Diane Alber, the Arizona artist who created Kip and Gary, draws a cartoon this week that shows how Kip and Gary can get trendy, installing some “colorful cabinets.” Read More

Friday Funny: Cartoon Caption Contest

Tall Cabinet

Happy Friday! Time for a little workplace humor before we head out of the office for an early summer weekend. This week’s Data Center Cartoon Contest features Kip & Gary and some tall cabinets. We invite you to supply the caption. Read More

Friday Funny: The View From 3:00 AM


It’s Friday…are you ready for a cartoon caption contest? This week, the Data Center Knowledge cartoon by Diane Alber shows what can happen in those wee small hours in the morning and what it means to be the “on call” staff. . . enter you submission to win. Read More

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