HP Retools, to Acquire Autonomy in $11B Deal

In a busy news day for Hewlett Packard (HPQ) the company outlined a transformation designed to sharpen its focus on the enterprise IT market. The company said it will buy Autonomy for $11 billion and assess options for its PC business and webOS software. Read More

Roundup: Executive Shakeup at HP

HP announced a series of management changes on Monday, with some executives changing roles and others departing. Here’s a roundup of the notable analysis and commentary from around the web. Read More

Closer Look: The HP EcoPOD

HP unveiled the EcoPOD, an updated version of its Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD) last week. This photo feature provides a closer look at the design of this new modular data center offering. Read More

HP Unveils Updated EcoPOD Modular Design

A look inside one of HP's latest designs for its Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD). Airbus just deployed two PODs for a supercomputing cluster in Europe.

HP has unveiled an updated version of its modular Performance Optimized Datacenter (POD), expanding its capacity with a “double-wide” design that joins two 40-foot containers. The new EcoPOD can use outside air to cool up to 44 racks of servers. Read More

The Value of UNIX for Mission-Critical Workloads

While Linux shipments may be growing faster than shipments of UNIX, there remains a substantial group of enterprises that continue to use UNIX for mission-critical workloads. This research report from Forrester Consulting highlights why enterprises continue to use UNIX in the face of increasingly robust Linux offerings.
Read More

Optimize Your Data Center Operations

Today’s IT organizations are under pressure to continually adapt IT resources to keep pace with changing business priorities, all the while seeking methods to lower costs and improve efficiency in the data center. The racked, stacked, and wired infrastructure common in today’s data center creates obstacles in the ability to deliver and manage new applications critical to the business. Read More

Reducing Data Center Cost with HP-UX

There is a common belief in the IT industry that an implementation of Linux is less costly than an implementation of UNIX. While that is technically true for the acquisition of server hardware, the base operating system and the maintenance costs of each, there are a host of other costs associated with a solution that must be explored to develop a fair comparison. Read More

Guide to Risk Mitigation for Financial Services

An unplanned interruption can have a significant impact on operations, revenue and reputa¬tion. And it doesn’t have to be a fire, flood or hurricane to be a disaster. In fact, what’s more likely are events that are less dramatic but still have the potential to seriously disrupt your business. An accidentally cut cable. A security breach. A crashed server. Any of these might shut down your data center Read More

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