Green Data Centers

Huge Solar Array Will Support NJ Data Center

The McGraw-Hill Companies will build a 50-acre solar array to support its data center in East Windsor, New Jersey, the company said today. The $60 million project will add 14.1 megawatts of solar generation, making it the largest initiative yet to use photovoltaic solar power to offset the energy used by a data center. Read More

PUE 2: The Sequel (Continued)

Going a step beyond the basic information provided by The Green Grid on “PUE 2,” here are various additional insights and comments from some of the Task Force organizations that collaborated on the document. Read More

Power Usage Effectiveness 2 – The Sequel


The Data Center Efficiency Task Force recently issued “Version 2 – Measuring PUE for Data Centers,” better known as PUE 2. The updated PUE version is meant to clarify and reiterate the updated measurement requirements of the PUE metric. Read More

Solar Power in Data Centers: No Longer A Novelty?

The solar panel array on the roof of the new DataScan Technologies data center in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Solar power hasn’t been widely used in data centers because it takes a very large installation of solar panels to make a dent in their energy requirements. But the month of April has seen the debut of four new data centers featuring on-site solar generation. Read More

A Data Vault With a Green Complexion

BendBroadband's data center in Oregon is cooled by a Kyoto Wheel

The BendBroadband Vault is just 30 miles down the road from Facebook’s huge new data center. But the 30,000 square foot facility, which opened its doors this week, is a data center with its own distinctive story to tell. Read More

Closer Look: The BendBroadband Vault


Here’s a photo tour of the BendBroadband Vault, which integrates a solar array, a cooling system that uses a “heat wheel” (Kyoto Cooling) system, and an efficient design that uses chimney containment to isolate hot and cold air within the data center environment. Read More

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