Green Data Centers

Google Provisions Wind Power in Oklahoma

Microsoft's deal with developer of 175MW wind farm in Illinois is its largest PPA to date.

Google has cut a deal with a local utility to provide wind energy for the power grid supporting a large Google data center in Pryor, Oklahoma. The environmental group Greenpeace hailed the agreement as a model for how cloud computing firms can influence electric utilities to boost their use of renewable energy. Read More

Data Center Water Use Moves to the Forefront

A look at the infrastructure supporting the water and cooling systems in a Google data center near Atlanta, which includes facilities to clean and purify "grey water" for use in its cooling towers. (Image: Google)

The largest data center operators have made significant strides in slashing their water use, and the industry has developed metrics and best practices to encourage broader participation in the effort. The focus on data center water usage made headlines last week when Facebook released its initial data on water usage effectiveness (WUE) at its data center in Prineville, Oregon. Read More

Best Practices for a Green Data Center

Rising energy costs are at the forefront of most IT decisions, and impact operational expenditures considerably. Green initiatives vary widely in data centers and colocation providers. Having green initiatives is a start, but acting on them and having tangible results from them to demonstrate cost savings can often times be a different story. Embarking on a path to reduce costs and your carbon footprint starts with knowing the right questions to ask.
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Wind-Powered Data Center Project On Hold


An oft-delayed project to build a major wind-powered data center is on hold again. Backers of WindData have scrapped plans to build a campus in a suburb of Austin that was to feature as many as five data centers. The Baryonyx Corp. says it is no longer considering a 50-acre site in Pflugerville that had been the focus of its development efforts over the past year. Read More

The Green Grid and Climate Savers Will Merge

Improved energy efficiency practices could cut server room energy waste by at least 40 percent, saving businesses and organizations over $3 billion annually, says NRDC.

The Green Grid, a global consortium focused on improving energy efficiency in data centers, announced today that the Climate Savers Computing Initiative will merge with The Green Grid, moving its programs and membership into The Green Grid brand. Read More

Greenpeace vs. Apple Feud Fueled by Strange Math

The exterior of the Apple data center facility in Maiden, North Carolina (Source: Apple)

Greenpeace has issued a “regrading” of Apple’s data centers that gives the company Cs and Ds – as opposed to its earlier Ds and Fs. But the environmental group continues to use an estimate of Apple’s power use in its North Carolina data center that is four times higher than Apple’s numbers. Read More

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