Green Data Centers

Farm-Powered Data Center Being Built in UK

A diagram of how the Infinity ONE data center in the UK will use cow manure in a combined heat and power (CHP) installation to provide energy for its data center (click to see a larger version).

HP Labs got a lot of press attention Tuesday for describing a way to use methane harnessed from cow manure to power a data center. But the concept HP described in an research paper is already being built into a UK data center. Read More

How Google Energy Might Green Its Data Centers

There’s been lots of speculation about Google Energy, a new subsidiary the Internet giant has formed to buy and sell power on the wholesale market. Google energy czar Bill Weihl today laid out a scenario in which Google Energy might help the company access renewable energy to support its data centers. Read More

Greenpeace: Cisco is Greenest IT Company


Smart grid technology and solutions for renergy reduction in offices and networks from Cisco Systems have earned the company a top ranking in the latest Cool IT Leaderboard ranking from the environmental group Greenpeace. Read More

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