Google Investing $2.5 Billion A Year in Data Centers


Google invested $774 million in its Internet infrastructure in the second quarter of 2012, an increase from $607 million in the previous quarter. Over the last four quarters, Google has invested nearly $2.5 billion in servers and server farms, illustrating the strategic importance of data centers in Google’s business. Read More

Google Security: No Sharks, But a One-Eyed Dog

Google has a security mascot at its Oklahoma data center. Miss G is a one-eyed dog that was adopted by the Google data center team after they found the injured canine on the data center property. “Miss G is our secret weapon,” says site manager Mike Wooten. Read More

Google Confirms $300 Million Iowa Expansion

Google has confirmed that it will invest $300 million in expanding its data center operations in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Coming four years after the opening of the company’s first facility in Iowa, the expansion will bring Google’s investment in Council Bluffs to more than $900 million. Read More

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