Tech Titans in Buying Mode

It’s hard to miss the signs of confidence in recent investments by major technology companies, including tech titans Google (GOOG), Apple (AAPL) , HP (HPQ) and Intel (INTC). Read More

How Google Energy Might Green Its Data Centers

There’s been lots of speculation about Google Energy, a new subsidiary the Internet giant has formed to buy and sell power on the wholesale market. Google energy czar Bill Weihl today laid out a scenario in which Google Energy might help the company access renewable energy to support its data centers. Read More

Google Boosts Its Water Recycling Efforts

A look at some of the infrastructure inside a Google water treament plant at its data center in Belgium.

At least two existing Google facilities have been equipped with treatment plants, allowing them to operate their water-hungry cooling systems without tapping the potable water supply from local municipalities. A third Google data center uses a rainwater collection system for its water supply. Read More

Google Data Center Spending Up Slightly


Google (GOOG) continues to invest in its data centers, but there’s no sign of an imminent return the huge spending seen in 2007 and 2008. The comnpany invested $239 million in capital spending on its IT infrastructure in the first quarter of 2010. Read More

Is Google’s Network Morphing Into a CDN?

A chart from Arbor Networks showing the growing use of peering by Google.

Google has dramatically increased its use of peering over the past year, and has also accelerated deployment of local caching servers at large ISPs, making the company’s network resemble a content distribution network (CDN) such as Akamai. Read More

When The Power Goes Out at Google

What happens when the power goes out at a Google data center? We found out on Feb. 24, when a power outage at a Google facility caused more than two hours of downtime for Google App Engine, the company’s cloud computing platform for developers. Read More

Google Using Bloom Box, But Not in Data Center

Google (GOOG) was the first customer for Bloom Energy, and is using the startup’s gas-powered fuel cells in its operations. But contrary to early media reports, it is not using any of the “Bloom Boxes” in its data centers at present. Read More

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