Google Building Two More Data Centers

Google is expanding its data center capacity with new construction in the Carolinas, the company said this week. Citing the need for additional server capacity, Google is completing work on a second data center at its campus in Goose Creek, South Carolina. Read More

Google Resumes Work on Oklahoma Data Center

Google is resuming work on a major data center project in Pryor, Oklahoma, saying it will soon need to being additional data center capacity online. The $600 million Oklahoma project was delayed due to the slowing economy, but is now expected to be online by the end of 2011. Read More

Google: Our Fiber Gets Shot Down

Google is digging trenches for underground fiber deployment to its data center in The Dalles, Oregon after repeated incidents in which hunters shot up the company’s aerial fiber cables. Read More

Google Using Sea Water to Cool Finland Project

Google will use cool sea water in the cooling system for its new data center in Hamina, Finland, which may be the first sea-cooled data center. The initiative continues Google’s focus on data center efficiency and sustainability. Read More

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