At Microsoft, Smarter Software Equals Fewer Generators

Sometimes a relatively small amount of software code can make a huge difference in how much you spend on hardware. That’s the case at Microsoft, which has been able to reduce the number of diesel backup generators at its data centers by using software to move workloads from one location to another. Read More

Video: Installing a 2-Megawatt Generator

SoftLayer Technologies recently expanded the power capacity of its DAL05 data center by installing a new Cummins 2-megawatt diesel backup generator. This 4-minute video reveals the process involved in lifting and installing this enormous engine. Read More

7×24: Generators Are Key to Improving Reliability

Stephen Fairfax, MTechnology

When it comes to reliability, diesel generators are far and away the most important pieces of equipment in a data center, and regulatory mandates on fuel may be creating new problems that could raise generator failure rates, according to Steve Fairfax, the Tuesday keynoter at the 7×24 Exchange Fall Conference. Read More

Japan May Prioritize Power for Data Centers

Equinix has arranged for priority deliveries of diesel fuel to ensure that its two data centers in Tokyo can continue operating through planned utility blackouts. The colocation company said Tuesday that the Japanese government is working to ensure that data centers have power so that communications services remain available across the nation. Read More

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