Inside Facebook’s NC Data Center Campus

Facebook's North Carolina campus. The 300,000 square foot facility features the social network’s latest technology. (Photo: Rich Miller)

Facebook has invested $450 million to build two enormous data centers in Rutherford County, North Carolina.to power its growing Internet infrastructure. We’ve got photos that provide a closer look at the campus. Read More

Facebook Gets Royal Reception in Lulea

An aisle at Facebook's data center in Luleå, Sweden. (Photo by Facebook)

New from Facebook: The royal data center tour. On Oct. 16, King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden toured the new Facebook data center in Lulea, which is currently under construction with a planned launch next year. Read More

Facebook Adapts Open Compute for Colo Space


Will the Open Compute Project’s uber-efficient open source hardware designs would ever be available at your local colocation center? It’s taken 18 months, but Facebook has now shared details of its first use of Open Compute hardware in its third-party colo space. Read More

Estimate: Facebook Running 180,000 Servers

The exterior of the Facebook data center in Prineville, Oregon. (Photo credit: Alan Brandt).

Like most large data center operators, Facebook doesn’t disclose how many servers it has running in its data centers. But James Hamilton has used the company’s recent disclosures about its energy usage to do some interesting math to try and put together an estimate. Read More

Facebook’s Energy Use Focused in Colo Space

A look at a cold-aisle containment systems installed by Facebook in one of its Silicon Valley data centers.

Facebook has been building some of the world’s most efficient data centers. But its leased space accounts for 85 percent of its data center energy use, and will continue to have a big impact on its carbon footprint for several more years. Read More

Closer Look: Facebook’s New Server, Storage Designs

Matt Corddry, Facebook's Manager of Hardware Design, showcases "Shorty" - a 10U prototype for the Open Rack data center enclosure. (Photo: Colleen Miller)

Facebook is ready for act two of its mission to disrupt the data center. Barely a year after unveiling its custom hardware, the social network has retooled its server and storage designs to conform to its Open Rack enclosure, which widens the equipment trays to make servers easier to cool and maintain. Read More

Facebook Still Expanding in Leased Data Center Space

The server room at the new Facebook data center in Prinevlle, Oregon, featuring a hot aisle containment system. (Photo credit: Alan Brandt)

As it invests hundreds of millions of dollars in building its own data centers around the world, Facebook is also continuing to invest in third-party data center space data center space in Silicon Valley and northern Virginia. The decision is tied to the economics of data center construction and the continuing importance of technology hubs where networks converge. Read More

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