Facebook’s $1 Billion Data Center Network

A map of the global audience for Facebook,  created by Paul Butler, visualizes the geographic spread of its user base. (Source: Facebook)

Facebook has invested more than $1 billion in the infrastructure that powers its social network, which now serves more than 845 million users a month around the globe. The company spent $606 million on servers, storage, network gear and data centers in 2011, and expects to spend another $500 million this year.
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Google Energy Czar Weihl Moves to Facebook

Bill Weihl, who was the “Green Energy Czar” at Google, will begin a similar position at Facebook next month. Weihl’s hiring comes as Facebook is deepending its commitment to use renewable energy as part of an agreement with Greenpeace. Read More

Facebook Cuts Back on Generators in Sweden


Facebook is reducing the number of backup generators by 70 percent at its new data center in Sweden, saying the extraordinary reliability of the regional power grid serving the town of Lulea allows it to rely upon redundant power feeds. Read More

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