Google & Facebook: A Tale of Two Data Centers

Facebook welcomed local officials to a public ceremony last year when it broke ground for its new data center in Prineville, Oregon.

Do you pursue James Bond-level secrecy for your data center, or invite the mayor in for a tour? An Oregon paper presents a “study in contrasts” between the Google facility in The Dalles and the new Facebook facility being built in Prineville, Oregon. Read More

Facebook Server Count: 60,000 or More


Facebook now is using 60,000 or more servers to support its fast-growing service, according to an analysis of data from company presentations last week. The social network’s infrastructure performs more than 50 million operations per second. Read More

A Day in the Life of A Facebook Engineer

What’s it like working as an engineer on one of the world’s busiest web sites? At Velocity 2010, Facebook System Engineer Tom Cook provided a glimpse inside the operations team with his “Day in the Life” presentation. Read More

Facebook Begins Deploying IPv6

Facebook has begun using IPv6, joining a growing number of leading Internet networks that have deployed the next generation of the Internet Protocol, the company said today. Read More

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