Disaster Recovery in the Cloud: Are We Ready?

Brian Vandegrift, executive vice president of sales and innovation, Venyu, will lead a session on disaster recovery at Data Center World.

Disaster recovery is something that involves planning for the worst, and hoping for the best. As new technologies such as virtualization and cloud have matured, is it time to include cloud in your DR plans? See if your planning might benefit from the addition of cloud services at this session at Data Center World. Read More

Seeking Efficiency: The Data Center Holy Grail

Storage from Data Direct Networks in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. (Photo by Rich Miller.)

Efficiency is a key factor that all data center managers seek, whether they are squeezing a bit of power by making server fans variable speed or they are making bigger differences at the power and cabinet level, it is often the “holy grail” for the data center industry. Two session leaders at the upcoming Data Center World event, speak to different aspects of driving efficiency in the data center. Read More