Energy Efficiency Guide: Data Center Temperature

Is it the end of the “cooler is better” attitude? The industry is looking at how a shift of a few degrees can allow for continued IT operation, while saving energy and reducing costs. Similarly, water temperatures used for cooling are on the rise also. Read More

Energy Efficiency Guide: Monitoring and CFD

There’s a saying in data center circles that “you can’t manage what you can’t measure.” That’s why monitoring and analysis are key components of a data center energy efficiency program. Here’s a look at several approaches to monitoring the data center environment to detect problems and implement improvements. Read More

Data Center Energy Efficiency Guide

In the data center business, energy efficiency is a business imperative. Some of the industry’s leading data center operators and vendors have shared tips on strategies and best practices in design and operations. Data Center Knowledge has compiled our coverage and industry thought leadership in a series called the Data Center Energy Efficiency Guide. This series examines the issues in energy efficiency. Read More

Energy Efficiency Guide: Assessment

Data Center Energy Efficiency Guide: In developing a plan to improve the energy efficiency of your data center, the first step is to gain an understanding of the current conditions. Here are tips on simple fixes to common problems that can provide short-term improvement without huge expense. Read More

Energy Efficiency Guide: Processors and Servers

Data Center Efficiency Guide: Purchasing servers is a key factor in making data centers more cost-effective and energy efficient. Chip makers have made significant strides in improving the energy efficiency of their processors, and new vendors are building servers based on low-power processors originally developed for the mobile market. Read More

Roundup: Hardcore, Internap, Platform, Telecity

Sun co-founder Scott McNealy to advise “liquid blade” maker Hardcore Computer, Internap CDN delivers content for Sundance Festival, new cloud management release by Platform Computing, Telecity honored for green Paris data center. Read More

Mark Monroe Takes Helm at The Green Grid

Data center veteran Mark Monroe has been named the new executive director of The Green Grid, the industry group focused on helping data center operators improve the energy efficiency of their IT infrastructure. Read More

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