Major Outage at Seattle Data Center

Many sites hosted at Seattle’s Fisher Plaza are offline amid widespread reports of a fire at the facility. That includes the payment portal, disrupting e-commerce at many web sites. Read More

Outage for Rackspace Customers

Many sites hosted at Rackspace Hosting were offline for about 45 minutes this afternoon when the company’s data center in Grapevine, Texas lost power. Read More

Keynote: Ad Networks Failed, Not News Sites

Advertising networks and widgets are being cited as the key factors in the performance problems exerienced by major news sites during the crush of Internet traffic Thursday as news broke about the death of pop star Michael Jackson.
Read More

The Web Creaks as Jackson Fans Mourn


News sites and social media posting the earliest reports of the death of pop star Michael Jackson experienced availability problems as web users around the world sought to confirm the news Read More

Using Metrics to Vanquish the Fail Whale

John Adams of the Twitter ops team at Velocity 2009 (Photo by Duncan Davidson via Flickr)

Measuring and analyzing performance data has been the primary weapon in Twitter’s ongoing effort to vanquish the “Fail Whale” – the downtime mascot that appears whenever the service is unavailable, according to Twitter’s John Adams. Read More Down, London Data Center Overheats


The streaming music hub was offline for about 5 hours Sunday after multiple chillers failed in its London data center, causing a dramatic rise in temperature inside the data center. Read More

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