Disaster Recovery

SWAT Team 1, Servers 0

A data protection firm wanted to depict what a genuinely catastrophic data loss might look like. So they had a group of heavily-armed guys shoot the dickens out a server cabinet. Blammo, indeed. Read More

2012: No Apocalypse, but Space Weather Threat?

This NASA diagram depicts solar radiation sotrms interacting with the magentic field surrounding earth, which can disrupt power grids and communications.

The year 2012 will bring the next peak of an 11-year cycle of solar activity, which can produce sunspots and solar flares that can interfere with satellite and radio communications on earth. Is your data center ready? A look at some common-sense preparations. Read More

Tsunamis and Virtual Disaster Recovery

The tsunami in Samoa illustrates the destructive power of these events. Here’s a look at a recent presentation using a hypothetical tsunami to illustrate the use of virtualization in potential future approaches to disaster recovery. Read More

Sungard Builds Grid From DR Workstations

Sungard Availability Services is using more than 1,000 disaster recovery workstations in its Philadelphia, New York and Chicago data centers to create a computing grid that will perform processing for scientific and humanitarian projects. Read More

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