Disaster Recovery

Major Data Centers Weather Hurricane Irene

Most major data centers appear to have remained online throughout Hurricane Irene, despite leaks and utility outages (Image by likeablerodent via Flickr).

Key East Coast data centers say they weathered Hurricane Irene without any loss of services to customers. In some cases, facilities were operating on generator power after utility outages, and some data centers had to plug leaks. Read More

Best of Industry Perspectives: Disaster Recovery

Data Center Knowledge’s Industry Perspectives columnists write frequently on disaster recovery planning and strategy. We have gathered a number of the best columns together to provide easy access to tips and strategies on effective disaster recovery. . Read More

Report: Large Project Eyes Colorado Springs

Economic development officials are asking the Colorado state government to participate in a package of incentives for a Fortune 100 company that is considering Colorado Springs as the site of a $100 million dollar data center project. Read More

Fortrust to Expand Denver Data Center


Colorado data center provider Fortrust is expanding its colocation space by 33,000 square feet, which will bring its raised-floor capacity to more than 80,000 square feet within its 224,000 square foot facility near Denver. Read More

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