Disaster Recovery

Rapid Evacuation of a Data Center

Over at Slashdot, there’s a discussion about strategies for rapidly evacuating an IT environment, prompted by a question from a facility in the pre-evacuation zone for the High Park wildfire outside Fort Collins Read More

Courting Disaster: Denial is NOT an Option

At the start of hurricane season, thoughts turn to disaster preparedness. While water incursion and flooding from storms and hurricanes can be a cause of downtime, many data center operators should be thinking about disaster recovery and business continuity measures despite the season. Read More

Data Centers Canada Expands in Toronto

Data Centers Canada has begun construction on expanding its Toronto North Data Center. The facility, located in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan, will be expanded to approximately 20,000 square feet with its Phase 4 POD expansion. Read More

The Common Sense of Online Backup

Are you considering a new solution for backup? A hard examination of what that will take may be daunting. In this Sungard whitepaper “Five Simple Steps for Transforming Your Application Backup with Online Recovery Services” learn how to approach the issue both methodically and economically. Read More

Minimize Downtime with Proper Management

In “Strategies for Minimizing Downtime by Managing Change,” Sungard makes a case that the best disaster recovery plans are often well conceived but poorly nurtured. The reason is a lack of resources. This whitepaper uses statistical data from a Forrester research study to prove the point that only a small percentage of organizations adhere to the proper standard of annual testing and continual updates of their disaster recovery strategy. Read More

Major Data Centers Weather Hurricane Irene

Most major data centers appear to have remained online throughout Hurricane Irene, despite leaks and utility outages (Image by likeablerodent via Flickr).

Key East Coast data centers say they weathered Hurricane Irene without any loss of services to customers. In some cases, facilities were operating on generator power after utility outages, and some data centers had to plug leaks. Read More

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