Disaster Recovery

Tracking Hurricanes With Supercomputers


All eyes are on the Gulf of Mexico today as forecasters seek to gauge the strength of Tropical Storm Isaac and assess the threat the storm poses to the Gulf Coast, including the city of New Orleans. The colorful charts and maps showing the latest storm tracks are the front-end for some industrial-strength data-crunching. Read More

HP, SNIA Sites in Colorado Springs OK After Fire

Several data centers were within the evacuation zone for the Colorado Springs wildfires, and had to move staff out of harm’s way, but were not damaged by the fire. They included a $100 million HP data center and a test lab for the Storage Networking Industry Associaton (SNIA). Read More

Rapid Evacuation of a Data Center

Over at Slashdot, there’s a discussion about strategies for rapidly evacuating an IT environment, prompted by a question from a facility in the pre-evacuation zone for the High Park wildfire outside Fort Collins Read More

Courting Disaster: Denial is NOT an Option

At the start of hurricane season, thoughts turn to disaster preparedness. While water incursion and flooding from storms and hurricanes can be a cause of downtime, many data center operators should be thinking about disaster recovery and business continuity measures despite the season. Read More

Data Centers Canada Expands in Toronto

Data Centers Canada has begun construction on expanding its Toronto North Data Center. The facility, located in the Toronto suburb of Vaughan, will be expanded to approximately 20,000 square feet with its Phase 4 POD expansion. Read More

The Common Sense of Online Backup

Are you considering a new solution for backup? A hard examination of what that will take may be daunting. In this Sungard whitepaper “Five Simple Steps for Transforming Your Application Backup with Online Recovery Services” learn how to approach the issue both methodically and economically. Read More

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