Disaster Recovery

WAN Technologies Help Data Centers Grow and Evolve


WAN technologies continue to evolve as more bandwidth, better underlying infrastructure and optimization all create a more robust connection. As more organizations move to the cloud, they will increase their reliance on data center availability and technologies. Read More

Sandy’s Lessons About Disaster Recovery

Were you ready for Sandy? Sure it was downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm, but it still had a devastating effect. For those of use who manage data centers, that impact had many layers. Let me start at the core and work my way out.

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SunGard Data Center Takes in Flood Victims

Members of the Moonachie, N.J. police and fire departments and emergency medical units gather in the lobby of a business continuity center operated by SunGard Availability Services in nearby Carlstadt in the early morning hours of Oct. 30 during Hurricane Sandy. The hurricane caused a storm surge in the Hackensack River that flooded Moonachie and forced the community's first responders to set up an emergency command post at the SunGard site because it was the only location that was not flooded. (Photo: SunGard Availability Services)

When SuperStorm Sandy struck, the SunGard business continuity center in Carlstadt, N.J. opened its doors and served as a refuge for more than 100 residents flooded out of their homes in nearby Moonachie, offering food, shelter and medical attention. Read More

Is Your Zombie Contingency Plan Ready?


If you were spared Sandy’s wrath, it’s a good time to review your disaster readiness plans. Since it’s Halloween, it’s a good time to consider a wider threat matrix. Fortunately, Bill Dougherty of RagingWire has put together a holiday guide that combines the best elements of both tasks. Read More

Anatomy of a Botnet

There’s little debate that organizations are relying more and more on the use of the Internet. The increase in Internet usage has begun to see more identity fraud, spamming, malware distribution, bank fraud, and now growing more frequently – Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Read More

Tracking Hurricanes With Supercomputers


All eyes are on the Gulf of Mexico today as forecasters seek to gauge the strength of Tropical Storm Isaac and assess the threat the storm poses to the Gulf Coast, including the city of New Orleans. The colorful charts and maps showing the latest storm tracks are the front-end for some industrial-strength data-crunching. Read More

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