Power and Cooling

Execs to ASHRAE: Don’t Favor Economizers

A proposal to establish fresh air cooling as the preferred method for cooling data centers has brought unified opposition from six leading data center operators, who today issued an unusual joint statement opposing the proposal by ASHRAE. Read More

A Closer Look at Emerson’s SmartAisle

In this video, Emerson’s Fred Stack provides an overview of the SmartAisle, a new enclosure system that combines cold-aisle containment, in-row cooling and management tools to offer data center managers greater control over temperature and energy use in their environments. Read More

Generators Installed at Yahoo NY Site

Diesel generators are big and powerful, and attract lots of attention during tours and installations. Last Friday three 2 megawatt generators were installed at the new Yahoo data center under construction in Lockport, New York.
Read More

When The Power Goes Out at Google

What happens when the power goes out at a Google data center? We found out on Feb. 24, when a power outage at a Google facility caused more than two hours of downtime for Google App Engine, the company’s cloud computing platform for developers. Read More

Greenpeace’s Hosting: Not ‘Truly Green’

In attacking Facebook, Greenpeace asserts that “the only truly green data centers are the ones running on renewable energy.” Given this stance, one might expect Greenpeace’s hosting operations to be housed in facilities powered entirely by 100 percent renewable energy. You’d be wrong. Read More

Google Using Bloom Box, But Not in Data Center

Google (GOOG) was the first customer for Bloom Energy, and is using the startup’s gas-powered fuel cells in its operations. But contrary to early media reports, it is not using any of the “Bloom Boxes” in its data centers at present. Read More

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