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Greenpeace’s Hosting: Not ‘Truly Green’

In attacking Facebook, Greenpeace asserts that “the only truly green data centers are the ones running on renewable energy.” Given this stance, one might expect Greenpeace’s hosting operations to be housed in facilities powered entirely by 100 percent renewable energy. You’d be wrong. Read More

Google Using Bloom Box, But Not in Data Center

Google (GOOG) was the first customer for Bloom Energy, and is using the startup’s gas-powered fuel cells in its operations. But contrary to early media reports, it is not using any of the “Bloom Boxes” in its data centers at present. Read More

No Harmony in Harmonics

Harmonic currents can cause distortion in your electrical system. This white paper examines common causes of problematic harmonics, along with implications and resolutions for data center operators. Read More

Phase Change Cooling for Service Providers

This white paper examines an approach to data center cooling known as “phase change” or “two-phase” low-pressure pumped refrigerant cooling. It details the advantages of this approach over traditional computer room air conditioning (CRAC) methods, and it identifies the specific benefits — from lower OPEX and reduced energy requirements to optimized utilization of data center space — that service providers can realize. Read More

Will Utilities Help Fund Thermal Storage?

A California utility will buy thermal energy storage systems and distribute them to commercial customers, hoping the move will shift power usage to off-peak hours. The concept may hold promise for the data center industry, where thermal storage is lightly implemented but offers the potential for significant peak-shaving savings on power bills. Read More

Oracle and the Dawn of Containment

Oracle has been honored by ASHRAE for design innovations in its Austin data center, which pioneered approaches to hot air containment and variable speed airflow that are now common in major data centers. Read More

Flywheel Maker Gets $13M Investment

VYCON, which makes flywheels for backup power systems, announced today that it has closed a $13.7 million round of funding. Flywheels are an alternative to using batteries in a data center UPS (uninterruptible power supply) system. Read More

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