5 Tips to Boost Your Data Center IQ


It’s not easy to stay current on the many facets of data center technology and operations. This week’s Industry Perspectives explore five hot topics for data center professionals and executives. If you missed any, here they are in a neat package. Read More

5 Insights Into the Data Center Industry

This week’s Industry Perspectives offered key takes on several aspects of the data center industry, including a closer look at the benefits of cloud computing, scalability and app management in cloud environments, takeaways on DCIM from Gartner analysts, and reflections on tape data storage and its changing role. Read More

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of July 20

Racks of servers housed inside the Microsoft data center in Dublin, Ireland. (Photo: Microsoft).

The Week in Review: Microsoft’s million servers, One Wilshire changes hands, Google spends $1.6 billion in 90 days on data centers, Yahoo expands its wind-cooled coop campus, Telx expands to another Manhattan telecom hub. Read More

New Numbers: Who Has the Most Web Servers?

A look inside one of the data centers operated by 1&1 Internet, which has just announced a cloud computing offering.

In light of Steve Ballmer’s confirmation that Microsoft has more than 1 million servers, we’ve updated our list of Who Has The Most Web Servers? The list also features new totals from Facebook, OVH, Akamai, Rackspace and eBay. Read More

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