The Top 10 Data Center Stories of 2013


Big projects, big budgets, design innovation and repurposing the old economy’s infrastructure for the new economy were key themes during 2013. Here are the top 10 stories of 2013, ranked by page views. Read More

Top 10 Data Center Stories, November 2013


In November, lots of data center stories drew our readers’ interest. The top items included: the possibility of turning former Sears auto service centers into mission critical space, the automation at Facebook that allows a sys admin to manage at least 20K servers, and more. Enjoy! Read More

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Nov. 16

The Week in Review: Rack-mount tanks provide new take on immersion cooling, Sears eyes Auto Centers as server farms, Facebook procures a wind farm in Iowa, Open Compute switches move closer, and Microsoft plans self-powered racks using fuel cells. Read More

Industry Perspectives: Green House Data Chronicles Design, Build


Just what are the steps to building a data center from a green field and who’s involved? We recently ran a series of Industry Perspectives columns about the process of planning and building a data center by Shawn Mills of Greenhouse Data. We bring them together for your enjoyment, and to follow the process from start to ground-breaking. Read More

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