Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of July 7th


The Week in Review: AOL sees a future for server huts, still no sign of data ships on the horizon, generator woes triggered Amazon cloud crash, data center stocks defy Jim Cramer’s prognostications, Dell buys Quest for $2.4 billion. Read More

Best of the Data Center Blogs, July 5th

This week’s notable blog posts: Greg Ness on cloud risk, Jack Pouchet of Emerson on green power sourcing, Mark Bramfitt and Schneider Electric’s Victor Avelar examine efficiency with raised floors, the PTS blog looks at challenges in data center moves, and Bob Deutsche of Intel shares thoughts on cloud security. Read More

Top 10 Data Center Stories, June 2012

During the month of June, stories about supercomputers, Stephen Hawking and downtime for Amazon’s cloud were among the top items that interested Data Center Knowledge readers.Here are the most popular stories on DCK for June 2012, ranked by page views Read More

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of June 30th

Facebook Windmill Server

Week in Review: Amazon Web Services hit by multiple outages, Apple Plans Huge New Data Center near Reno, a closer look at Facebook’s new hardware designs, Google Challenges Amazon With Compute Engine, making hot water cooling work. Read More

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of June 23

The Week in Review: Illustrated guide to the Top 10 supercomputers, eBay uses biogas-powered Bloom boxes in lieu of diesel generators, generator fan faulted in Amazon cloud outage, HP goes Atom with Moonshot, and sorting clouds and competition at Structure Read More

Defraying Costs with Energy Rebates

Many data centers take advantage of energy efficiency incentives and rebates offered by state and federal agencies. To garner this economic leverage, some skills are needed such as knowing how to apply, who to apply to, and the eligibility requirements. Read More

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