Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Nov. 10

A NetApp data center in Oregon

The Week in Review: Data centers return to the grid in NY & NJ, SunGard takes in storm victims, flurry of new projects signals construction boom, Open Compute eyes compostable server chassis, NetApp opens doors in Silicon Forest. Read More

Top 10 Data Center Stories for October 2012

What a week and month! Here at Data Center Knowledge we’ve covered the storm’s impact on the data center industry specifically. Obviously, most of our storm coverage got massive traffic, making October 2012 the busiest month ever for traffic to Data Center Knowledge. Here’s the top data center stories of the month. Read More

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of Oct. 20

An overhead view of the server infrastructure in Google's data center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. (Photo: Connie Zhou for Google)

The Week in Review: Google brings you inside its data centers and talks about cooling, the petascale supercomputers Blue Waters and NCAR Yellowstone are launched, and RagingWire plans a major new campus in Ashburn’s Data Center Alley. Read More

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