Data Center Videos

Inside the PDI i-Con Modular Data Center

Power Distribution Inc. (PDI) recently deployed one of its new i-Con Modular Data Centers at the new Pelio & Associates facility in Santa Clara, Calif. In this video, we get a guided tour of the i-Con container and an overview of its design features. Read More

Supercomputers, HPC and Visualization

High-impact science – understanding cancer and predicting hurricanes – is enabled by high performance computing (HPC). Kelly Gaither, of the Texas Advanced Computing Center, talks about HPC and pushing the envelop to address problems that could help society. Read More

A Crash Course in CRAC Cooling

In this video, SoftLayer “Social Media Ninja” Kevin Hazard gives a basic explanation of how data center CRAC units work, along with a walk-around demonstration of airflow within a hot aisle/cold aisle raised-floor environment. Read More

Assembling A Cray XT5 Supercomputer

The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre’s video captures the process of upgrading its supercomputer to a Cray XT5, dubbed the “Monte Rosa.” It is the most powerful supercomputer in Switzerland and one of the largest high performance computing (HPC) systems worldwide. Read More

Video: Helsinki’s Underground Data Center

One of the world’s most unusual data centers is located 30 meters below a cathedral in Helsinki. It uses cold sea water in its cooling system, while the waste heat produced by the servers is piped via a heat pump into the district heating network to heat Helsinki buildings and the residents’ domestic hot water. Read More

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