Data Center Videos

Video: What Does ‘Modular’ Mean?

The term “modular data center” is beginning to experience some of the same definition problems that have plagued cloud computing. In this video, Jason Schafer of Tier1 discusses the problem, and the four emerging categories of modular data center deployment. Read More

Video: Renewable Energy and Data Centers

What’s the best approach to renewable energy in the data center? To get some perspective on the issue, we spoke with John Stanley, a researcher at The 451 Group who specializes in “Eco-Efficient IT” and the intersection between data centers and sustainability. Read More

Video: SeaMicro’s Low-Power Servers

In this video, SeaMicro CEO Andrew Feldman discusses the company’s vision for low-energy servers, the innovations it has developed in pursuit of that goal (especially the role of the networking fabric) and the roadmap for SeaMicro’s technology. Read More

Arista Networks: ‘Open Always Wins’

Last week Arista Networks launched EOS Central, an open development platform for third-party developers to build extensions of Arista’s Extensible Operating System. In this video, Arista’s Doug Gourlay discusses the potential for open standards in the networking world. Read More

Video: Cabling A Rack at SoftLayer

Good cable management is essential to maintaining order in a data center. What does this process look like? The data center team at SoftLayer provides a closer look in this 4-minute video of its cabling operations. Read More

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