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Video: Microsoft’s Data Center Evolution

Microsoft has released a video providing an overview of its global cloud computing platform and the data centers that power it. The video features the most detailed video yet of the new “Generation 4″ data center at Quincy, Washington, Read More

Google Summit: Industry Panel on Best Practices

Video of a panel presentation from Google’s 2011 Data Centre Efficiency Summit, where industry leaders including Google, Telecity and Ark Continuity shared innovative and unique design choices and best practices that increase efficiencies in their data centers. Read More

A Closer Look at Zeus Technology

WAN optimization specialist Riverbed Technology (RVBD) is acquiring Zeus Technology, the companies said yesterday. Here’s a video overview of Zeus Technology and its application development controller technology. Read More

Brocade Confirms $2.1 Million PG&E Incentive

Brocade (BRCD) today confirmed that it has received the largest data center energy efficiency incentive in PG&E history with an incentive of $2.1 million. In this video, Brocade’s Michael Hirahara discusses the PG&E award and associated energy savings. Read More

A Closer Look at

What exactly is and what does it do? Here’s our video interview with Chief Marketing Officer Peder Ulander, who provides an overview of the technology and business behind, which was acquired by Citrix today. Read More

Yahoo: What We Learned on IPv6 Day

In this presentation from the recent Velocity conference, Yahoo’s Ian Flint discusses the coming IPv6 transition, some of the implementation challenges involved in the switch, and the development of IPv6 Day Read More

Video: Walk-Through of the HP EcoPOD Module

At the recent HP Discover event, HP’s Wade Vinson offered a walk-through of the EcoPOD, the company’s next-generation modular data center design. The EcoPOD features two rows of cabinets and can use outside air for cooling. Read More

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