Data Center Design

Making Data Center Design More People-Friendly


Data centers are different from houses and offices – they are designed for servers, not people. This has often meant trade offs for data center staffers. But some data center developers are rethinking the “machines first” approach and designing data centers to be more comfortable environments for staff and visitors. Read More

Microsoft Starts Building Iowa Data Center


Microsoft is ready to move ahead with its delayed $200 million data center project in West Des Moines, Iowa. The project was first announced back in the summer of 2008 but halted when Microsoft trimmed capital spending. Read More

Perspectives on Data Center Design: 2010

Our Industry Perspectives section featured a variety of columns on data center design in 2010. Topics ranged from build-your-own to outsourcing, how to know if you need a data center transformation, and guidelines for implementing that transformation. Read More

Advantages of Modular Data Center Design

Data center designs continue to evolve, and the industry is rapidly embracing a modular approach to data center construction. This white paper from Lee Technologies outlines the many business advantages that can be achieved by modular data center designs. Read More

HP Moves Beyond The Container


HP is among a growing number of companies that aere focused on modular data center design, but talking less about “containers” as construction evolves beyond the standard ISO form factors. Read More

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