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Advantages of Modular Data Center Design

Data center designs continue to evolve, and the industry is rapidly embracing a modular approach to data center construction. This white paper from Lee Technologies outlines the many business advantages that can be achieved by modular data center designs. Read More

HP Moves Beyond The Container


HP is among a growing number of companies that aere focused on modular data center design, but talking less about “containers” as construction evolves beyond the standard ISO form factors. Read More

Merlin: Modularity Drives Efficiency

A new data center built by Capgemini in Swindon, England is being billed as one of the world’s most efficient facilities. Here’s a closer look at Merlin, which employs a modular design, uses free cooling, has no raised floors or ducts, and uses an automated system to control airflow. Read More

Survey: Data Center Expansion Continues

The nation’s leading users of data center space continue to increase their use of mission-critical facilities, as nearly two-thirds are in active expansion mode, according to a survey of Data Center Knowledge readers. Read More

NetApp’s Pioneering Energy Star Data Center

The NetApp data center in Research Triangle Park (RTP) recently became the first facility to earn the Energy Star for Data Centers rating. Here’s a closer look at the infrastructure design that helped NetApp earn an exceptional rating from the EPA. Read More

HP Unveils ‘Butterfly’ Data Center Design

A view of the design concept for the new HP Flexible Data Center, featuring a central networking core, four server room modules, and  power and cooling infrastructure housed at the perimeter of the facility.

HP today introducing the HP Flexible Data Center,which features factory-build modules that support quick deployment and phased infrastructure growth. The offering features a “butterfly” design with four modules around a central core. Read More

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