Closer Look: Iceotope Liquid Cooling

A side view of how the Iceotope liquid cooling modules slide into a water-cooled chassis within a rack (Source: Iceotope)

It’s been more than two years since Iceotope launched its liquid cooling system at the SC09 conference. This week the company has re-emerged at Cebit marketing a cooling system that encapsulates servers in heat pipes containing 3M’s Novec fluid as its heat removal medium.
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Facebook Seeks Patent on Cooling Automation

Engineers from Facebook are seeking a patent on a data center cooling system that uses a load balancer to automatically shift workloads among racks of servers. The system is one of several approaches to intelligent cooling systems in which servers, sensors and cooling equipment can “talk” to one another. Read More

Dealing with Mixing Below Your Data Center’s Floor

Many data centers supply cooling far in excess of what is required or have problems distributing cooling where it is really needed. The most cited cause for such inefficient cooling is a phenomenon known as mixing, in which cool and warm air mix before entering server intakes. Often, when mixing is discussed, the area under the raised floor is ignored because it is hidden from sight. Read More

Reclaim Wasted Data Center Cooling Capacity

High-density equipment within data center infrastructure is becoming more common, and yet many data centers are not adequately equipped to handle the additional cooling requirements. Because of this, cooling issues such as recirculation and mixing of hot and cool air, as well as poorly controlled humidity are becoming more costly. Read More

Asetek Extends Liquid Cooling Line to Servers

A server tray using Asetek's Rack CDU Liquid Cooling system, which was announced this week. The piping system connects to a cooling distribution unit. (Source: Asetek)

Asetek Inc., a leading supplier of liquid cooling solutions for high-performance gaming PCs and workstations, has entered the into the data center market. The San Jose, Calif. company this week unveiled a suite of products adapting its technology for servers and racks, and is targeting the offering for the high performance computing (HPC) market Read More

Cooling Servers In Winter Months

Keeping temperature-sensitive IT equipment cool in heated buildings during the winter months has become critical. This white paper from MovinCool examines the benefits of using ceiling-mount air conditioners to keep server rooms and closets cool inside heated buildings. Read More

Norway’s Fjord-Cooled Data Center


A new project in Norway plans to draw cold water from an adjacent fjord and use it to cool data halls. The Green Mountain Data Center will house racks of servers in underground halls that once stored ammunition for NATO. Read More

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