Data Center Consolidation: Managing Expectations

Mergers, acquisitions, right sizing and a host of other initiatives often lead to the consolidation of data centers. These projects birth a host of stakeholders from the C level to the technician with each one bearing a different agenda and criteria for success. Meeting expectations is a project within the project and this Gartner Report specifically addresses these management issues.
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Canadian Government To Close 280 Data Centers

On Thursday the Government of Canada announced measures to streamline and identify savings in its IT operations through Shared Services Canada, which includes reducing the number of data centers from 300 today to less than 20. Read More

GM to Invest $130 Million in New Data Center

An illustration of the design for a new General Motors data center in Warren, Michigan.

Automaker General Motors (GM) will invest $130 million to build an enterprise data center at its Technical Center campus in Warren, Mich., that will allow it to reduce operating costs by consolidating its IT infrastructure into a more efficient facility. Read More

Feds Will Shutter 137 Data Centers in 2011

The interior of a government data center in Rockville, Md. that has been closed, saving $1.2 million a year in energy costs. Yes, that appears to be carpeting atop the raised floor tiles.

The U.S. government has shut down 39 data centers so far this year, and expects to close 98 more by the end of 2011, federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra said in an update on the government’s data center consolidation and cloud computing strategy. Read More

Optimize Your Data Center Operations

Today’s IT organizations are under pressure to continually adapt IT resources to keep pace with changing business priorities, all the while seeking methods to lower costs and improve efficiency in the data center. The racked, stacked, and wired infrastructure common in today’s data center creates obstacles in the ability to deliver and manage new applications critical to the business. Read More

NYC Opens Consolidated Data Center

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg tour a new data center where the city will consolidate IT operations for multiple agencies.

New York City has opened a new data center in Brooklyn where the city will centralize the IT infrastructure for more than 40 city agencies over the next five years. The city says the facility at the MetroTech Center will allow it to save more than $100 million over five years. Read More

Feds Discover 1,000 More Data Centers

The U.S. government has 2,094 data centers, nearly 1,000 more than federal CIO Vivek Kundra’s previous estimate of 1,100, according to an inventory connected with the federal data center consolidation. Read More

Kundra: Fed Data Centers 7 Percent Utilized

Many federal agencies are using just 7 percent of their server capacity, according to federal CIO Vivek Kundra, who called that low utilization level “unaccaptable.” In an appearance Wednesday, Kundra continued to make the case to shift federal IT infrastructure to a cloud comuting model. Read More

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