Sun Microsystems

Roundup: New Intel Xeon 5600 Processors

This week Intel (INTC) launched the Xeon 5600 series processor, blending security, performance and energy efficiency that the company says can significantly improve the economics of data center operations. Read More

Oracle Outlines Integration With Sun

Oracle Corp. (ORCL) yesterday outlined its plans for the integration of Sun Microsystems (JAVA) after completing the $7.4 billion deal. Sun’s Open Cloud Platform is dead, but Java, MySQL and Open Office will live on under Oracle. Read More

Roundup: EU Clears Oracle to Acquire Sun

Oracle (ORCL) announced Thurday that it has finally received regulatory approval from the European Commission for its acquisition of Sun Microsystems (JAVA). Here’s a roundup of notable coverage and commentary from around the web. Read More

Dean Nelson Moves from Sun to eBay

Dean Nelson, who has been a key player in data center operations at Sun Microsystems, has left to take a position at eBay, where he will be the Senior Director of Global Data Strategy. Read More

MegaRoundup: The Oracle-Sun Deal

The twists and turns continue in the Battle for the Data Center. Yesterday’s surprise announcement that Oracle Corp. (ORCL) will acquire Sun Microsystems (JAVA)  has generated an enormous amount of commentary, analysis and speculation. Here’s a mega-roundup: Steve O’Donnell at The Hot Aisle says the deal could be disruptive for… Read More

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