Sabey Opens High-Rise Manhattan Data Tower


Sabey Data Centers has opened the doors on Intergate.Manhattan, having completed an extensive retrofit and commissioning process. The property offered a rare opportunity to convert a New York high-rise into a purpose-built data center. Read More

Telx Expands With Sabey in Seattle

Colocation and interconnection provider Telx this week announced plans to enter the Seattle market, taking space in a facility operated by Sabey Data Centers, the leading data center developer in the Pacific Northwest. Read More

Sabey, Dell Earn Approvals for Generators in Quincy

Recent construction on the Sabey  Intergate.Quincy campus in Quincy, Washington (Photo: Sabey Corp.)

Sabey Corp. has received approval from state regulators to install up to 44 diesel generators to supply critical back-up power for its new data center campus in Quincy, Washington. The approval comes three weeks after the state issued a similar permit to Dell. Read More

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