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Unisys Offers Migration Path from RISC to Intel

Unisys (UIS) has announced a partnership with Intel (INTC) to bring to market a secure computing platform for cloud and big data workloads, while offering Unix clients a cost-effective path off legacy RISC-based platforms onto an Intel-based environment. Read More

Large Lease Drives CyrusOne’s Growth in San Antonio


Data center service provider CyrusOne (CONE) has purchased land to expand its data center campus in San Antonio after leasing all of the remaining space in its existing facility to a single customer. The five-year lease was for 5 megawatts of power, representing 19,500 square feet of space. Read More

Shepard Takes on Dual Roles at IO, Fortrust

IO.Anywhere data center modules (at left) deployed within the FORTRUST data center in Denver. (Photo: FORTRUST)

The relationship between IO and FORTRUST is evolving in interesting ways. This week FORTRUST announced that David Shepard, Senior Vice President at IO, will assume the additional role of FORTRUST Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Read More

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