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Data Center Construction: A Developer’s Eye View

Construction is a process fraught with the potential for error and missed deadlines from moving rock with explosives to withstanding typhoon weather, some data center developers have seen it all.

What’s it like to be on the front lines of a major data center construction project? Chris Curtis, co-founder and SVP of Development for Compass Datacenters recently wrote a series that takes you behind the scenes on the construction phase of one of his projects. Read More

Global Capacity Expands in 8 Equinix Sites


One of the trends we’ve seen at Equinix in recent quarters is companies deploying equipment across multiple colocation facilities. Today Global Capacity said it is expanding its Points of Presence (PoPs) into eight Equinix data centers. Read More

Internap to Move Out of Major Manhattan Data Hub

The exterior of 111 8th Avenue, one of the premier carrier hotels in Manhattan.

Internap will move a data center out of 111 8th Avenue and relocate customers to a new facility it is building in New Jersey. The move illustrate the shifting tides in the greater New York data center market, and raises questions about Google’s plans for 111 8th Avenue. Read More

New CEO Choksi Sees Growth Ahead for Vantage

The exterior of the first Vantage data center in Quincy, Washington. New CEO Sureel Choksi said Vantage is focusing on boosting its sales and marketing efforts. (Photo: Vantage)

Sureel Choksi says it’s no accident that Vantage Data Centers quickly established itself as a player to be reckoned with in the highly competitive Silicon Valley market. The new CEO says he will focus on energizing the company’s sales and marketing efforts. Read More

Schneider Electric Expands Agreement With Equinix to Germany and Italy


Schneider Electric will provide its Energy Management Procurement Services (EMPS) and sustainability services to the data center giant in Italy and Germany. The expanded agreement means that Schneider Electric provides its full range of EMPS services to a total of 110 Equinix facilities, saving the company $11 million since March of 2011. Read More

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