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Oracle Launches New SPARC T5 Servers


Oracle (ORCL) announced a complete refresh of its midrange and high-end SPARC server lines with new SPARC T5 and M5 servers running Solaris. Building on the SPARC T4 platform, the new servers complete Oracle’s SPARC family, spanning entry-level, mid-range and high-end. Read More

Apple Ready to Roll in Reno .. With a Coop?


Apple Insider has obtained some aerial photos and one close-up of a new structure on the Apple data center site in Reno, Nevada, which raises some interesting questions about its design and how Apple is staging its deployment of capacity. Read More

Major Expansion for Equinix in Singapore


Equinix has announced the latest in series of major projects in Singapore, teaming with real estate investment trust Mapletree Industrial to build a 385,000 square foot data center that will add capacity for another 5,000 cabinets of servers and IT gear. Read More

Network News: Zayo Partners With Internet2

In news from the networking sector, Zayo Group announced a partnership with Internet2 to add substantial new capacity on Zayo’s fiber route from Chicago to Seattle. We’ve also got news from CenturyLink (CTL), Level 3 (LVLT) and Extreme Networks (EXTR). Read More

Yahoo Building a Bigger Computing Coop

Yahoo’s ultra-efficient “chicken coop” data center in upstate New York is getting bigger. The Internet company has announced plans to invest an additional $168 million in the campus for its hydro-powered, wind-cooled server farm. Read More

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