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Some Terminated HP Employees Offered Jobs at Ciber

HP CEO Meg Whitman.

Employees hate to hear the dreaded “restructure” word coming from a CEO because it’s almost always synonymous with layoffs. By now, those at Hewlett-Packard must really despise it. HP’s current effort to breathe life into its Enterprise Systems (ES) business has already resulted in 3,900 pink slips, with more to… Read More

Lenovo to Fold Smartphone Business Into Motorola

Former Motorola President Rick Osterloh will head up the combined smartphone business.

When Lenovo bought Motorola’s smartphone business from Google in early 2014, the move had investors questioning the decision to sink $2.91 billion into a flailing company. After all, even under the direction of the Internet behemoth, Motorola experienced several consecutive quarters in the red. The company reported at the time… Read More

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