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With Blue Mix, IBM Services Meet the SoftLayer Cloud

Lance Crosby, CEO, IBM SoftLayer

To realize its cloud ambitions, IBM must find a way to connect its existing base of enterprise customers to the SoftLayer platform. A key ingredient in IBM’s effort is Blue Mix, a Platform as a Service offering that Big Blue introduced last month. Here’s a closer look at Blue Mix. Read More

Google Slashes Cloud Pricing, Adds Slew of Features

Google has announced major price cuts for its Google Cloud Platform services, including sustained use discounts automatically reward users who run VMs for over 25 percent of any calendar month. (Image: Google)

Google introduced on-demand pricing for it’s cloud, which slashes current prices and ensures that cloud pricing is more consistent with price drops in hardware. The company also introduced and demoed a slew of new features, including a seamless Live Migration DNS as a Service, and support for Windows, SUSE, and RedHat. Read More

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