Microsoft Renews Big Lease, Yahoo Doesn’t

Analysts have been assessing the plans of large wholesale data center customers who have historically leased space but are now building their own data centers. Will they exit leases when their current term expires? Not necessarily. Microsoft recently indicated that it will renew a major wholesale lease, while Yahoo will allow a large lease to expire. Read More

At Microsoft, Cost Data Drives Cloud Adoption


Using data collected from the company’s data centers and cloud platforms, Microsoft has restructured its cloud infrastructure accounting system to provide each of its internal cloud services’ business units with granular data about the cost of their IT operations. Read More

Microsoft Reveals its Specialty Servers, Racks


As it seeks to slash power usage across its global cloud computing platform, Microsoft has been refining its in-house designs for energy-efficient data center hardware. The company is now sharing the details of those designs, which feature custom server designs, a high-efficiency power distribution system and in-rack UPS units. Read More

Microsoft Data Center GM Timmons Heads to Apple

Kevin Timmons, who helped build the data centers that power Microsoft’s global cloud computing operation, has left the company and is expected to take a leadership position at Apple. The move strongly hints that Apple is stepping up its plans for an expansion of its data center infrastructure beyond its huge new facility in North Carolina. Read More

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