Microsoft Expands Dublin Cloud Computing Hub

Microsoft will add 13.2 megawatts of capacity to its data center in Dublin, Ireland, which powers its online services throughout Europe and the Middle East, the company said today. Microsoft will invest $130 million in the expansion. Read More

Microsoft Data Center Design Evolves In Iowa

Microsoft says a new design for the second phase of its data center in West Des Moines, Iowa is an evolution of the company’s modular data center design, and not spurred by challenges with the first phase of the facility. The nearly complete West Des Moines data center showcases Microsoft’s… Read More

Microsoft Steps Up Cloud Expansion Plans

Microsoft will invest an additional $150 million to expand its new data center in southern Virginia, continuing a series of expansion announcements that hint at a dramatic scaling up of Microsoft’s cloud computing capacity. Microsoft will build a second data center facility and add 21 megawatts of power capacity in Boydton, Virginia. Read More

Microsoft Renews Big Lease, Yahoo Doesn’t

Analysts have been assessing the plans of large wholesale data center customers who have historically leased space but are now building their own data centers. Will they exit leases when their current term expires? Not necessarily. Microsoft recently indicated that it will renew a major wholesale lease, while Yahoo will allow a large lease to expire. Read More

At Microsoft, Cost Data Drives Cloud Adoption

Using data collected from the company’s data centers and cloud platforms, Microsoft has restructured its cloud infrastructure accounting system to provide each of its internal cloud services’ business units with granular data about the cost of their IT operations. Read More

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