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Taking the Enterprise Data Center into the Cloud


Ready to work in the cloud? Get a detailed overview of cloud computing technology— common types of architectures/services and driving factors and perceived risks impacting widespread adoption. Learn best practices for optimizing critical systems for cloud deployment in existing facilities and forging a path toward an integrated DCIM approach. Read More

Choosing a Data Center Cooling System

Choosing the right cooling system for your data center is essential to the success of companies that depend on achieving business-critical continuity. This white paper from Emerson looks at the total cost of ownership (TCO) around date center cooling systems. Read More

Reducing Data Center Energy Consumption

The double impact of rising data center energy consumption and rising energy costs has elevated the importance of data center efficiency. This white paper from Emerson Liebert provides variety of strategies data center manager can deploy to significantly drive down energy consumption while free physical space and increasing power and cooling capacity. Read More

Emerson Updates Avocent Capacity Planner

Emerson Network Power today introduced the Avocent Data Center Planner, an updated version of Avocent’s software for infrastructure planning and management, previously known as the former Avocent Mergepoint Infrastructure Explorer. Read More

Emerson Makes Higher Bid for Chloride

The bidding war continues for UK critical power equipment vendor Chloride Power. Emerson Electric appears to have seized the upper hand with a revised bid of $1.5 billion, topping a $1.3 billion offer from ABB. Read More

Emerson Offers Data Center Container

Foxconn's data center container business is up against some heavyweight competition, such as Emerson Network Power, whose data center container is pictured here (Image: Emerson)

A growing number of companies are beginning to offer data center container products. They include Emerson Network Power, which is conducting a European road show featuring a 40-foot container product. Read More

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