White House to Fund Tech Growth ‘Beyond Moore’s Law’

Intel's and Micron Technology's 3D XPoint technology

On the one-year anniversary of the White House having launched its National Strategic Computing Initiative, the group’s Executive Council published a report detailing new and revised topics for collaboration between academic research, the private sector, and government agencies.  In that report, NSCI presents its strategy for discovering a new way to… Read More

Intel Finally Releases Its Rack Scale Design to Open Source

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Just a few weeks ahead of its upcoming IDF conference in San Francisco, Intel announced Thursday that the data center asset utilization platform it has been assembling since 2013 is now ready to be shared with the open source community. Rack Scale Design (RSD, no longer called “Rack Scale Architecture”… Read More

Mirantis to Fuse Kubernetes, CI/CD with Commercial OpenStack

Boris Renski, co-founder and CMO, Mirantis

In a move with serious implications for the lowest software layers of data center infrastructure, commercial OpenStack producer Mirantis this morning announced it is partnering with the two most important players in the infrastructure space — Google and Intel — to produce a new version of the OpenStack platform designed… Read More

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