Google: No ‘Secret Sauce’ in Recipe for Efficiency


Google’s PUE ratings keep getting better, with one of its data centers hitting 1.09 in the 1st quarter. Google’s Chris Malone says PUEs of 1.5 to 1.6 can now be achieved by data center operators using off-the-shelf equipment. “There’sno magic or secret sauce to get to these levels,” said Malone. Read More

Video: Google’s Data Center Security

A look at the inside of a Google data center in South Carolina, showing storage container modules.

Google today released a video showcasing the security and data protection practices in its data centers, which includes some interesting footage from the company’s data center in South Carolina – and a brief glimpse of the data center and tape libraries. Read More

OpenFlow: The Future of Google’s Network?

The OpenFlow networking standard is feeling the embrace of the world’s largest network operators. And perhaps none moreso than Google, which sees great potential for the open networking standard to solve sticky problems in its sophisticated data center infrastructure. Read More

Google Spending Soars on Real Estate Deal


Google’s capital spending soared to $2.5 billion in the fourth quarter, more than three times more than the company has spent in any previous quarter. The increase was caused by Google’s purchase of 111 8th Avenue, its New York headquarters building. Read More

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