When The Power Goes Out at Google

What happens when the power goes out at a Google data center? We found out on Feb. 24, when a power outage at a Google facility caused more than two hours of downtime for Google App Engine, the company’s cloud computing platform for developers. Read More

Google Using Bloom Box, But Not in Data Center

Google (GOOG) was the first customer for Bloom Energy, and is using the startup’s gas-powered fuel cells in its operations. But contrary to early media reports, it is not using any of the “Bloom Boxes” in its data centers at present. Read More

Facebook Responds on Coal Power in Data Center

Facebook has responded to growing criticism of its reliance upon its power choices for its new data center in Prineville, Oregon. This is one of the first cases in which a data center’s energy sourcing has attracted this kind of public attention, but it won’t be the last. Read More

Roundup: Google, VISI, Level 3, Active Power

Roundup: Will Google build a new data centee in Australia to support Google Apps? Also, VISI announces an expansion of its St. Paul data center facility, Level 3 (LVLT) expands in Florida, and Active Power (ACPW) reports strong flywheel sales in late 2009. Read More

Roundup: Google’s Broadband Experiment

Google’s plans for an experimental 1 gigabit per second fiber network brought lots of reaction from the blogosphere and Internet pundits. Here’s a roundup of notable analysis and commentary from around the Web. Read More

Google Funds ‘Radical’ Efficiency Research

Google has awarded a $1 million grant to researchers developing low-energy modes on servers, part of a larger funding of university research projects aimed at slashing energy use of Internet data centers, including “radical experiments” in data center testbeds. Read More

Google CapEx Edges Higher in Q4


Google (GOOG) invested $221 million on its data centers in the fourth quarter of 2009, a slight uptick from the $186 million it spent in the third quarter but well below the levels seen during the company’s expansion years in 2007-2008. Read More

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