Google to Build Major New Data Center in Dublin

Google will build a major new data center in Dublin, Ireland, the latest signal that the search giant is rapidly expanding its global Internet infrastructure to support growth. The $100 million facility also solidifies Dublin’s status as a major cloud computing hub. Read More

Google to Build Three Data Centers in Asia

Google today announced a major expansion of its Internet infrastructure in Asia, saying it will build new data centers in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The company will invest $100 million in each of the facilities. Read More

Google’s Energy Story: High Efficiency, Huge Scale

Google used about 2.26 million megawatt hours of electricity to run its operations in 2010, generating a carbon footprint of 1.46 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, the company said today in its most thorough disclosure yet of its impact on the power grid and the environment.
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Gmail: Greener Than Your Email?

Google has released a case study outlining the energy and carbon savings available to small businesses from using its Gmail service instead of in-house email servers In fact, Google argues, the scale of its highly-optimized data centers makes Gmail substantially more energy efficient than all but the most advanced corporate data centers. Read More

Report: Google Uses About 900,000 Servers

Have Google watchers been overestimating the number of servers in the company’s data center network? Recent guesstimates have placed Google’s server count at more than 1 million. But new data on Google’s energy use suggests that the company is probably running about 900,000 servers. Read More

Video: Inside Google’s Newest Data Center

Google is preparing to open its newest data center, a large facility in a former paper mill in Hamina, Finland. The facility uses the sea to replace the chiller in its cooling system.Here’s a video overview from the Google European Data Center Summit. Read More

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