Google Funds ‘Radical’ Efficiency Research

Google has awarded a $1 million grant to researchers developing low-energy modes on servers, part of a larger funding of university research projects aimed at slashing energy use of Internet data centers, including “radical experiments” in data center testbeds. Read More

Google CapEx Edges Higher in Q4


Google (GOOG) invested $221 million on its data centers in the fourth quarter of 2009, a slight uptick from the $186 million it spent in the third quarter but well below the levels seen during the company’s expansion years in 2007-2008. Read More

Google’s Servers, Behind the Great Firewall

Most hosting companies have been reluctant to physically locate data centers on the Chinese mainland due to concerns about the government’s policies, opting instead to place their data centers in the region in Hong Kong or Singapore.
Read More

Will Google Energy Power Its Data Centers?

Google (GOOG) has formed a new subsidiary to buy and sell power on the wholesale market, and hopes the move will help provide more renewable energy. A key beneficiary of the move could be the company’s vast, power-hungry data center network. Read More

Google Exploring Quantum Computing

A view of an earlier version of D-Wave qubit processor (Photo by J. Chung, D-Wave Systems Inc.).

Google is working on developing a quantum computer, a technology that could dramatically enhance the power of its search capabilities. The company revealed last week that it is collaborating with Canadian company D-Wave, which is working to build quantum computing processors. Read More

Google, Cables and the Future of the Web

Why is Google investing in a second undersea telecommunications cable project in Asia? “The Asian population will the dominant user population of the Internet,” says Google Chief Internet Evangelist Vinton Cerf. Read More

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