Google: How We’re Making the Web Faster

Urs Holzle, Google, speaks on decreasing Web page load and increasing user experience and site revenue.

Google is stepping up its efforts to make the Internet faster, using its software, servers and infrastructure to provide tools to help web site owners build speedier sites. Google’s Urs Holzle outlined the company’s efforts in his Keynote at the Velocity 2010 conference. Read More

Google Patents ‘Tower of Containers’

An image from a just-issued Google patent depicting a stack of data center containers.

Google has been awarded a patent on data center layouts that stack containers up to four high, and others featuring rows of containers attached to a central power spine or distributed in girds organized along shared power and cooling lines. Read More

Google Eyes ‘Optical Express’ for its Network

Google’s Senior Network Architect Bikash Koley said that machine-to-machine traffic is rising at Google and as such the company reconsidering overall optical network choices. Plus more highlights from the Light Reading optical conference. Read More

Tech Titans in Buying Mode

It’s hard to miss the signs of confidence in recent investments by major technology companies, including tech titans Google (GOOG), Apple (AAPL) , HP (HPQ) and Intel (INTC). Read More

How Google Energy Might Green Its Data Centers

There’s been lots of speculation about Google Energy, a new subsidiary the Internet giant has formed to buy and sell power on the wholesale market. Google energy czar Bill Weihl today laid out a scenario in which Google Energy might help the company access renewable energy to support its data centers. Read More

Google Boosts Its Water Recycling Efforts

A look at some of the infrastructure inside a Google water treament plant at its data center in Belgium.

At least two existing Google facilities have been equipped with treatment plants, allowing them to operate their water-hungry cooling systems without tapping the potable water supply from local municipalities. A third Google data center uses a rainwater collection system for its water supply. Read More

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