Video: Facebook’s ‘Penthouse’ Cooling System

One of the huge chambers inside the "penthouse" cooling system used by Facebook in its new Oregon data center. Facebook has updated some elements of the system in its newest data centers. (Photo credit: Alan Brandt)

This video provides a detailed tour of the “penthouse” cooling system in Facebook’s new data center, which uses the upper floor of the building as a large cooling plenum with multiple chambers for cooling, filtering and directing the fresh air used to cool the data center. Read More

Video: Inside Facebook’s Server Room

The server room at the new Facebook data center in Prinevlle, Oregon, featuring a hot aisle containment system. (Photo credit: Alan Brandt)

On Friday Facebook opened the doors of its Prineville facility. This video tour provides a look inside the data halls housing thousands of servers that power Facebook, including a closer look at the custom servers, racks and UPS units. Read More

Closer Look: Facebook’s Open Compute Servers

With today’s launch if the Open Compute Project, the designs and mechanicals for highly-efficient servers designed by Facebook are available to the rest of the world. What’s special about them? Check out our photo gallery, Closer Look: Open Compute Server to see for yourself . Read More

Facebook Opens its Server, Data Center Designs


In a marked departure from industry practice, Facebook is disclosing the designs and specs for its new data center in Prineville, Oregon. The social network today launched the Open Compute Project, through which is its releasing the details of its energy efficient data center design. Dell, Rackspace Hosting and Zynga indicated they would adopt elements of the Open Compute designs. Read More

Facebook Unveils Custom Servers, Facility Design

The interior of new Facebook data center in Prineville, Oregon.

Facebook today unveiled details of its new technology infrastructure, which features custom-built servers, racks and UPS units that will fill its new data center in Prineville, Oregon. The facility is optimized from the two-story structure right down to the servers to reflect the company’s vision for energy efficient data center operations. Read More

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