Facebook Server Count: 60,000 or More


Facebook now is using 60,000 or more servers to support its fast-growing service, according to an analysis of data from company presentations last week. The social network’s infrastructure performs more than 50 million operations per second. Read More

A Day in the Life of A Facebook Engineer

What’s it like working as an engineer on one of the world’s busiest web sites? At Velocity 2010, Facebook System Engineer Tom Cook provided a glimpse inside the operations team with his “Day in the Life” presentation. Read More

Facebook Begins Deploying IPv6

Facebook has begun using IPv6, joining a growing number of leading Internet networks that have deployed the next generation of the Internet Protocol, the company said today. Read More

Facebook Amassing Data Center Space

Facebook has moved to lock down much of the available data center space in two crucial markets, leasing large chunks of space in Santa Clara, Calif. and Ashburn, Va. The fast-growing social network has leased all the remaining space in two newly-built data centers, and much of the available space in a third site that is still under construction. Read More

Facebook’s Response to Greenpeace

The environmental group Greenpeace International says Facebook should rethink plans for its new Oregon data center and is urging Facebook users to join a group calling for the new facility to run entirely on renewable energy. Read More

Facebook Responds on Coal Power in Data Center

Facebook has responded to growing criticism of its reliance upon its power choices for its new data center in Prineville, Oregon. This is one of the first cases in which a data center’s energy sourcing has attracted this kind of public attention, but it won’t be the last. Read More

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