Facebook Cuts Back on Generators in Sweden


Facebook is reducing the number of backup generators by 70 percent at its new data center in Sweden, saying the extraordinary reliability of the regional power grid serving the town of Lulea allows it to rely upon redundant power feeds. Read More

Facebook Building 2nd Data Center in Oregon

The exterior of the Facebook data center in Prineville, Oregon. (Photo credit: Alan Brandt).

Facebook will build a second huge data center on its campus in Prineville, Oregon, the company confirmed Tuesday. Facebook will begin construction in October on a facility similar to its existing 300,000 square foot data center. Read More

The ‘Facebook Effect’ and the Data Center Market

Facebook says that it will gradually shift its server capacity from leased data centers to company-owned facilities, migrating out of third-party facilities as its leases expire. That means Facebook will be vacating a significant chunk of wholesale data center space between 2015 and 2018. Here’s a look at the company’s leasing strategy and how it may impact the data center market. Read More

Skype Adding More Servers, Bandwidth

Skype is investing in additional servers and bandwidth to prepare for an impending influx of new users from Facebook, which last week announced that it will offer users Skype-powered video calling through the Facebook.com site. Read More

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