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Video: Servers Stacked Like Books on a Shelf


We saw several different approaches to server chassis design at last week’s Open Compute Summit. An example can be seen in Dell’s third generation Open Compute gear, the C8000 chassis. In this video, Dell’s Rafael Zamora provides an overview of this chassis design. Read More

Does the Supply Chain Figure Into Microsoft-Dell Chatter?

Amid reports that Microsoft may participate with private equity firms in a leveraged buyout of Dell, it’s worth noting that Dell has historically played a meaningful role in the supply chain for Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure, supplying many of the servers that fill the company’s global network of data centers. Read More

An OpenStack Cloud in the Parking Lot


At Dell headquarters in Round Rock, Texas, the company has used space in one of its parking lots of house a Dell Modular Data Center (MDC), which will house Dell’s OpenStack-powered cloud computing platform. Read More

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