Remembering Steve Jobs


Today the technology world is remembering Apple founder Steve Jobs, who passed away last night at 56. Jobs was unique was his ability to inspire others to accomplish something insanely great, which transformed the world of technology and entertainment, and may yet do the same for the data center and the cloud. Read More

Cringley on Apple: The Math Needs Some Work

Robert X. Cringley asserts that Apple’s iDataCenter is empty, and would hold 7.2 million servers if it was full. Alas, Cringley has extrapolated a single data point into a broad conclusion about a data center, and the analysis is doomed by flawed assumptions and bad math. Read More

Steve Jobs Provides A Look Inside the iDataCenter


Apple today offered a glimpse of its new data center as it announced its much-anticipated iCloud cloud computing service, which will allow iTunes users to store music, photos and documents in Apple’s data centers. The photos revealed some aspects of Apple’s data center design. Read More

The iDataCenter and the Eye in the Sky


The web was awash in conspiracy theories Wednesday after the new Apple data center in Maiden, North Carolina “suddenly” appeared on satellite imagery from Google Maps. Were there cahoots between the two companies? It doesn’t look that way. Are there facilities that are “stealthed” on Google Maps? Yep. Read More

Apple Adding Data Center in Silicon Valley

Apple is expanding its Internet infrastructure with a new data center in Silicon Valley, as it prepares to bring additional server and storage capacity online later this year. The new server space provides additional data center capacity at a time when Apple is rumored to be preparing a cloud computing service. Read More

Rumor Patrol: More Apple Data Centers?

Analysts at Jeffries & Co. are now predicting that Apple will build additional data centers in the U.S. and Europe to support a global streaming video service to compete with Netfix and YouTube. Does the speculation add up? Read More

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