Apple Ready to Roll in Reno .. With a Coop?

The Apple data center in Maiden, North Carolina. (Photo: Apple)

Apple Insider has obtained some aerial photos and one close-up of a new structure on the Apple data center site in Reno, Nevada, which raises some interesting questions about its design and how Apple is staging its deployment of capacity. Read More

$1.5 Billion Iowa Project is Still Alive. Is it Apple?

The mysterious $1.5 billion project known as Project Catapult is apparently back in play in Iowa. Local officials aren’t identifying the mystery company, but an intriguing clue has emerged from documents suggesting the project will use solar power and fuel cells.
Read More

Nevada Touts Data Centers as Key to Revival


Nevada officials want your data to stay in Vegas. Or perhaps Reno, or other areas of the state, which is touting data centers as a growth sector as it seeks to diversify its economy. That effort, built atop the success of the SuperNAP in Las Vegas, has gained momentum from Apple’s decision to build a huge server farm near Reno. Read More

Is Apple Going Modular at its North Carolina iDataCenter?

It looks like the next phase of Apple’s North Carolina data center will feature small modular data centers that can deploy compute capacity in small increments. The new design represents a major change from the first phase of Apple’s iDataCenter campus, a 500,000 square foot building that is one of the largest structures in the data center industry. Read More

Updated: The Apple Data Center FAQ

Apple’s data center team has been busy since November, 2010, when we first compiled our coverage of Apple’s data center expansion projects into a one-stop resource. Check out the Updated Apple Data Center FAQ for full details on the company’s expanding infrastructure to support iCloud and iTunes. Read More

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