Hibernia Expands Direct Connect for Amazon

Microsoft’s public cloud platform Azure continues to add functionality for Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

As Amazon Web Services continues to extend its Direct Connect service, Amazon is now looking beyond specific data centers and providers, and offering private hookups through Hibernia Atlantic, a fiber provider with a network that spans dozens of major data centers. Read More

Glacier: Cold Cloud Storage From Amazon


Amazon Web Services today rolled out Glacier, a new “cold storage” service that expands the company’s cloud computing platform. The announcement immediately prompted questions about how Glacier works and how it may impact the storage world. Here’s a roundup of notable analysis and commentary from around the web. Read More

Amazon Turns on its New Cloud in Oregon

Amazon Web Services announced today that it is now serving its data from servers in Oregon, where the company has been building several data centers. The new data center capacity has allowed Amazon to create a second availability zone in the US-West region. Read More

Amazon’s John Rauser: What is a Data Scientist?

John Rauser, a principal engineer at Amazon, discusses careers in big data at the O’Reilly Strata Conference. Rauser shares the story of the world’s first data scientist and then his own 18-year career journey from software engineering to data scientist. Read More

Amazon Provides More Details on Dublin Outage

Amazon Web Services has released a detailed incident report on last week’s data center outage in Dublin. Amazon outlined steps it would take to address the issues, and announced a 10-day service credit for all customers that were affected. Read More

Equinix Offers Direct Connect to Amazon Cloud


Colocation customers in Equinix data centers can now connect their infrastructure directly to Amazon Web Services via AWS Direct Connect, establishing a private network connection that can reduce network costs and increase throughput. Read More

Amazon Slashes Cloud Data Transfer Fees

On Thursday Amazon Web Services announced that it was eliminating fees for inbound data transfer (uploads) and reducing fees for outbound data transfer (delivery). Here’s a roundup of analysis and commentary from around the Web. Read More

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