Digital Realty Expands Its Colocation Business

Digital Realty's 365 Main data center in San Francisco is home to the new point of presence for AMS-IX (Photo: Digital Realty Trust)

Digital Realty Trust, the world’s largest provider of wholesale data center space, is expanding its colocation business, reflecting the blurring of business boundaries in the data center space, where wholesale providers and “retail” colocation companies are increasingly competing for the same tenants. Read More

Xand Merges with Access Northeast


Private equity firm ABRY Partners is staying busy in the data center sector, bringing together Xand and Access Northeast to form one of the largest privately held data center companies in the Northeast. Read More

Geographic Distance’s Effect on Data Latency

Geography is always at the top of the list of considerations by companies when choosing a colocation partner or data center location. Location can affect everything from the cost of electricity to the availability of a skilled workforce. What is unclear is whether or not geographic distances affect the issue of latency. Read More

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