Colocation Decision Checklist and Best Practices

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The colocation selection process never really revolves around just one metric. Instead, an organization has to look at various variables which can comprise a solution which will directly fit in with the needs of the business. One of the best ways to come to a decision is to outline what is important, create a check list, and follow that list during the selection process. Read More

Data Center Colocation: Addressing Today’s IT Concerns

Growing organizations are faced with new challenges around their expansion plans. IT managers have to figure out how to create new efficiencies, and try to expand their environment as efficiently and economically as possible. This is where data center colocation can really help. Read More

Colocation Planning: Environmental Control and Management

In selecting the right data center colocation, it is important to consider the visibility and management tools available for the customer. Monitoring power consumption, having a disaster-recovery-ready environment and truly partnering with the provider are vital points to evaluate when making a data center choice. Also, a well-structured Service Level Agreement (SLA) is critical to the key to a succesful partneship. Read More

Colocation Selection: Analyzing the Workload

In selecting the right type of data center colocation, administrators must thoroughly plan out their deployment and strategies. This means involving more than just facilities teams in the planning stages. The process to select a good data center has to involve not only the physical elements of the data center, but the workload to be delivered as well. Read More

Evaluating a Colocation Facility

There are several decision points which must be made when examining the right colocation datacenter for your organization. In selecting the right facility, the decision-making process should revolve around the following: Read More

Colo Atl Opens SNAP Exchange in Atlanta


ColoAtl is creating a “NAP” in Atlanta with involvement of Georgia Tech and the National Science Foundation. Dubbed the Southeast Network Access Point (SNAP), the exchange point offers neutral internet exchange services for all of those desiring a neutral peering point in the southeast United States. Read More

Selecting the Best Location for a Colocation Provider

DCK Colocation Sesmic Risk

Examining the requirements for the location is vital to the selection of a good colocation data center. Over the past few years, more variables have entered into the decision making process. This article will analyze these variables and recommend where IT managers and administrators should focus their attention in deciding the right location and facility for their IT environment.
Read More

CoreSite Virginia Project Reflects Data Center Construction Boom

The server hall of a data center operated by CoreSite, which is filing for a $230 million IPO.

CoreSite Realty (COR) says it will build a 200,000 square foot greenfield data center at its campus in Reston, Virginia. The project caps a flurry of announcements of new data center builds, which will collectively boost data center construction and bring significant new supply onto the market over the next year. Read More

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