Cloud Computing

Can NewScale Make IT Service Catalogs Sexy?

NewScale has extended its IT service catalog offering to make ordering, provisioning and tracking of buying IT services as sexy as using Apple’s AppStore, or Its latest update offers management tools that workacross cloud, virtual and physical compute environments. Read More

Could A Cloud Computing Exchange Work?

Cloud technologists are intrigued by the potential applications for commodity-style trading of compute capacity, and have begun discussing how such an exchange might work. Key ingredients: the right framework and a trusted market maker. Read More

FTC to Explore Cloud Security, Privacy

The Federal Trade Commission will hold a privacy roundtable debate on Jan. 28 on the security implications to consumers of cloud computing, mobile computing, and social networking. The FTC wants a public debate into the issue as part of its recommendations for the Federal Communications Commission’s broadband plan, expected to be released early this year. Read More

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