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Cloud-Based Unified Communications

The Enterprise Connect conference kicked off Monday in Orlando, Florida and all of the big names in communications were there to discuss unified communications, managing mobile in the enterprise, and advances in communication technology. Read More

Hollywood’s Render Farms Move to the Cloud

Last night’s Academy Awardsceremony provided reminders that even Hollywood can not escape the cloud computing trend, as the powerful render farms of computers that make animated films and incredible visual effects take to the clouds to power the movies. Read More

Mobile Cloud Places Premium on Storage Access

In a mobile cloud computing scenario, both mobile apps and data are stored and run directly from the cloud, increasing the relevancy of network servers, data center infrastructure and efficient network delivery while decreasing the importance of the storage capacity and processing power of the end-user device itself. Read More

Cloud News: Akamai, Arista, IBM, Appirio

Recent headlines from the cloud computing sector include Akamai announcing cloud defense, Arista automating cloud networking, IBM announcing partner initiatives, and Appirio unveiling “Cloud Spokes.” Read More

SpotCloud Launches Exchange for Cloud Capacity


Today marks the launch of SpotCloud, an online marketplace that brings together buyers and sellers of cloud computing capacity. It’s an intriguing service that promises to allowing users and providers to maximize the economics and efficiency of their cloud operations. Read More

Are IaaS and PaaS Cloud Models Converging?

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is providing a Platform as a Service functionality on top of its EC2 Infrastructure as a Service platform. Meanwhile, Microsoft is offering an IaaS option atop its Azure PaaS platform though the Windows Azure Virtual Machine Role. Read More

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