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iNetU Offers ‘Gated Cloud Community’


Managed hosting specialist INetU this week announced a “Gated Community Cloud” service designed to offer the benefits of the public cloud without some of the risks. INetU will play the role of gatekeeper, with a focus on excluding customers whose resource usage might affect fellow cloud dwellers. Read More

Regulations a Barrier to Cloud Growth in Europe

Europe needs to become not only cloud-friendly but cloud-active to fully realize the benefits of cloud computing. That’s the view of ETNO (The European Telecommunications Network Operator‘s Association) in a recently-issued paper on cloud computing development in Europe. Read More

VMware Launches Micro Cloud Foundry and vSphere 5

On Tuesday Vmware announced the beta availability of Micro Cloud Foundry, calling it the industry’s first open Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution. Cloud Foundry delivers access to frameworks and a rich ecosystem of application services from VMware, third parties and the open source community. Read More

Video: A Closer Look at CloudSwitch

How will the acquisition of CloudSwitch boost Verizon’s cloud capabilities? In this video, co-founder Ellen Rubin provides an overview of CloudSwitch’s technology and how it can help enterprises manage clouds across in-house data centers and public cloud platforms. Read More

Verizon Buys CloudSwitch to Boost Hybrid Clouds

Verizon Communications continues to build its cloud services through acquisitions. Verizon said today that it has bought CloudSwitch, whose software makes it easier for enterprises to build hybrid clouds in which virtual machines can move between data centers and cloud platforms. Read More

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