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Major Amazon Outage Ripples Across Web


When a busy cloud computing platform crashes, the impact is felt widely. That’s the case with today’s extended outage for Amazon Web Services, which is battling latency issues at one of its northern Virginia data centers. Many high-profile AWS customers are either down or reporting problems. Read More

IBM Unveils Cloud Services and Partnerships

IBM has announced a multitude of next generation cloud services and technology advances for clients moving key enterprise business processes into production cloud environments to innovate, reduce costs and increase agility. Read More

Microsoft Steps Up R&D on Cloud Computing

It‘s official: Microsoft is planning to put a large majority of its R&D budget into cloud computing this year. According to a Bloomberg interview with Microsoft International President Jean-Phillipe Courtois, Microsoft will spend 90 percent of its $9.6 billion research and development budget on cloud strategy in 2011. Read More

Creating the Cloud-Ready Data Center

The advent of cloud computing has created a significant new business opportunity for data center service providers. To win their share of this new opportunity, service providers need a cloud-ready infrastructure that can both support new service models at the scale necessary to meet demand and operate at an efficiency level that ensures profitability. Read More

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