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No Joke: Kinect Managing Cloud Servers

Earlier today we posted an April Fool’s Day story about Microsoft using its Kinect gaming controller to manage its data center infrastructure. It turns out that Nicholas Weaver of EMC has already created an “Interactive Cloud” program that uses the Kinect to control virtual servers with hand motions. Read More

OpenStack Demos at Equinix Will Traverse Clouds

Equinix, Dell and Rackspace Hosting have joined forces to offer demonstration environments for the OpenStack platform in three major data centers packed with marquee customers, who will have the ability to test drive apps and move cloud assets between data centers in different regions. Read More

Dublin Emerges as Cloud Computing Hub

Ireland has emerged as a key hub for the growth of cloud computing, hosting huge data centers powering the global cloud operations for two of the largest players in the sector, and Microsoft. Read More

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