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Is Your Data Center Cloud Ready?

This whitepaper from Emerson Network Power guides you through considerations for cloud computing data centers. It gives you a series of checklists to make sure you are ready for the cloud revolution. In a very logical way this paper covers trends, technologies and preparations needed for cloud deployment. Read More

Know Your Cloud

“Cloud Risky to Cloud Ready” is a new series from Emerson Network Power, examining the premise that cloud computing is a matter of understanding what you’re getting into, creating a plan and utilizing proven technology. Read More

The Mobile Cloud: What it Is & Why it Matters

Mobile cloud computing is emerging as one of the most important branches of cloud computing, and is still in its infancy. Therefore it‘s highly relevant to clarify the confusion that has arisen around mobile cloud computing, what it is, and why it is important. Read More

Optimizing Your Data Center for Cloud

As the Data Center evolves, forward thinking professionals have to balance the promise of emerging technology with the practical side of cost. In “Taking the Enterprise Data Center into the Cloud” the reader will find a great explanation of what is logical and what is risky. Read More

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