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Flurry of News From OpenStack Summit

Mirantis releases Technical Preview of Mirantis OpenStack 6.0, an OpenStack distribution that includes the latest features included in OpenStack Juno.

The OpenStack Summit, which is underway in San Diego, is the OpenStack community’s biggest conference to date with 1,400 attendees and about 300 more watching via live video feeds. As the ecosystem grows, so does the participation of many vendors, so we’ve put together a look at the announcements from the event as well as recent cloud news. Read More

Understanding Cloud APIs, and Why They Matter


The ability to enhance the cloud experience and have cross-cloud compatibility has helped form the Cloud API environment. Now, administrators can integrate applications and other workloads into the cloud using these APIs. The question is which model is right and how can you incorporate an API into your cloud? Read More

Telx Expands Private Cloud Connectivity

Telx announced a new data center connection service, and the addition of low-latency fiber into its Clifton, NJ facility. These latest moves, particularly Data Center Connect, ensure Telx maintains a strong connectivity story as it increases its data center footprint. Read More

CenturyLink Brings Self-Service to Savvis Cloud

Hardware giant Dell moves further into cloud brokerage with Dell Cloud Marketplace.

In the long-running debate about the definition of cloud computing, many cloud-watchers insist that a true cloud must be self-service, allowing users to provision and deploy their own servers. With its new savvisdirect service, CenturyLink is bringing that capability to its Savvis suite of cloud services. Read More

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